Where to Buy

Where to Buy – Where Brand Shoppability Starts

Impact Sales Conversion Across the Entire Customer Journey - Convert Web Traffic to Sales - Influence Marketing ROI


Ensure people know where to buy your brand's products, and place purchase options all along their path to purchase.


Benefits of PriceSpider's Where to Buy Solution:

  • The most experienced data acquisition technology in ecommerce
  • The most advanced product locator tech on the market
  • The most comprehensive Shoppable Solutions of any Where to Buy
  • Monetize your PDP and brand website
  • Empower consumers to buy your products where they want
  • Enable customers to find product and provide multiple purchase points
  • Strengthen your relationships with retailers

Shoptimize the Customer Journey

Influence Sales Conversion across the Entire Customer Journey

You can now take back control of the customer journey, create a direct line of communication with consumers, strengthen your relationship with retailers, drive sales conversions, and measure marketing ROI. Now that's quite a lot more than what you thought a "where to buy" could do isn't it?

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Convert Your Web Traffic to Sales

It's not enough to simply have a product locator in your brand marketing repertoire...today's modern marketing savvy brand needs visibility in consumer shopping behavior from discovery to sale. That means understanding the customer journey, trigger points for conversion, and actionable insights so that you can actually impact sales conversion.

Influence Marketing ROI

Our comprehensive suite of where to buy solutions gives brands the power to optimize their customer journey, unlocking metrics to drive sales conversions for brands big and small including some of the largest consumer brands on the planet.

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Additional Where to Buy Product Functionality:

  • Ratings & Reviews feeds from retailer sites to drive conversion
  • Stock & Local Stock availability in near real-time
  • By Online Pickup In Store Functionality
  • Digital Media Applications for maximum shoppability - Ads, Social, Email, etc.
  • Product Bundling & Recipe Applications
  • Universal Tracking for influencing marketing ROI
  • Insights Portal to measure KPIs and view actionable data
  • Insights Dashboard for activity summaries


Shoptimize Your Customer Experience

PriceSpider’s Where to Buy Solution gives Brands Full-Cart Visibilty from Discovery to Sale, Optimizing the Customer Experience for Maximum Shoppability

The Choice For Top Consumer Brands


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