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Shorten the Path to Purchase

Add to Cart technology supercharges brand touchpoints for sales conversion


Online shopping is fast-paced. Any road block can cause customers to veer off the path to purchase. PriceSpider’s Add to Cart feature allows brands to instantly transport shoppers from any digital touchpoint directly to a retailer’s cart for quick purchases.

How it Works


Decide Which Media to Make Shoppable
and Enable Add to Cart Functionality


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2 Choose Your “Add to Cart” Destination

Direct to any retailers’ cart, retailer PDP, or brand website



Purchase Via Retailer’s Cart


Purchase Via Brand WTB


Purchase Via Brand PDP


Enable 1-Click Add to Cart


Remove Purchase Friction


Bypass Competing Offers


Enable Retailer Promotions


Strengthen Retailer Relationships


Deliver Marketing ROI Through Data


Purchase Via Retailer’s Cart

Instantly transport customers to a specific retailer where the product is in the shopper’s cart for the quick purchase of your product. This solution sends traffic from any touchpoint directly to a specific retailer’s cart for a seamless and easy checkout. Ideal for everyday goods and regularly purchased items.

Purchase Via Brand Where to Buy

Instantly transport customers to a landing page where they can select the retailer of their choice. Once the retailer is selected, this solution sends the shopper right to their cart for quick checkout. This is a great option for any touchpoint that isn’t tied to a specific retailer and gives the shopper the choice of what retailer to purchase from.


Purchase Via Brand PDP

If you want customers to have a little more information directly from your brand product detail page before adding that product to their cart, purchase via Brand PDP is a great option. This solution sends traffic from any touchpoint to the brand’s product page with all the details and an Add to Cart option for the shopper to purchase from the retailer of their choice.

Data Tells the Story
of What Your Customers Want

Knowing your customer behavior and identifying trends can help you influence the customer journey. Only PriceSpider delivers data insights from its global retailer network, arming brands with powerful insights that drive results.

Pricespider dashboard
  • Monitor key KPIs, such as click-throughs and conversion rates
  • Confirm customers’ decisions and track ROI with sales data
  • Create segments based on carted items
  • Use multi-parameter campaign tracking to measure performance of media channels, campaigns, ad types, and retailers
  • Help retailers retarget customers based on previous purchases or abandoned carts

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