Take Back Control of the Customer Journey By Making Your Brand Shoppable

Give your brand some juice with PriceSpider's Conversion tech that makes any possible touchpoint shoppable.

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Ready to shoptimize your marketing content? It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Choose your media: Everything from, social, TV, even print and packaging
  2. Pick the destination, where a customer will be directed: PDP, landing page, retailer page, or retailer cart
  3. Now sit back and enjoy all the tracking data that allows you to optimize your shopping experiences and sell more! Shoptimization never looked so good!

Shoptimize Your Brand's Marketing and Content

Digital content — photos, videos, and text — is essential to every brand’s marketing. It’s what consumers use to discover and evaluate your products, and how they arrive at their buying decision. To create more sales opportunities, your brand must be a content machine. But how do you manage it all? Step one: take back control of your customer journey through visibility and actionable insights into consumer behavior.

A Frictionless Experience in Three Steps

1 Decide Which Media to Make Shoppable

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Email to Brand


to Brand PDP

Facebook to Landing Page


to Landing Page


to Direct to Retailer

Facebook to Add to Cast


to Add to Cart

2 Guide Customers to your Preferred Destination


Email to Brand PDP

Provide details on price and product availability from your brand’s own product detail page (PDP) or any other of your pages.

  • Three-click to cart
  • Well suited for products that move quickly
  • Easy to display full purchasing options

Facebook to Landing Page

The most mobile-friendly experience is a landing page with Where to Buy embedded.

  • Three-click to cart
  • Well suited for products that move quickly
  • Well suited for retargeting

Instagram Story to Retailer’s Page

Send them direct to retailer product detail pages (PDPs).

  • Two-click to cart
  • Enables quick, spontaneous purchases
  • Strengthen relationships with preferred retailers

Facebook to Add to Cart

Fast-track them directly to a retailer’s cart with your product added.

  • One-click to cart
  • Enables hyper-quick, spontaneous purchases
  • Perfect for retailer promotions

3 Track, Optimize, and then Sell More

Pricespider dashboard

Powerful Shopping Experiences also Unlock Powerful Data.

PriceSpider campaign tracking gives your brand the ability to track campaigns, review the data, lean into what works, convert more sales, and profit. The effect on ROI is remarkable. The world’s most successful brands build their marketing on data, not assumptions.

User-friendly dashboards track:

  • One-click to cart
  • Enables hyper-quick, spontaneous purchases
  • Perfect for retailer promotions

Know Your Best Touchpoints

View and analyze multi-parameter details on media channels, ad sources/types, and campaigns.

Track ROI

Connect marketing spend to sales conversions.

Leverage Powerful Data

Use powerful insights — WTB impressions, click-throughs, and sales — to build marketing strategies based on data rather than assumptions.

Optimize & Segment Marketing Campaigns

Measure campaign effectiveness by source, medium, campaign, or any other URL parameter.

Manage the Customer Journey

Understand consumer behavior and control the path to purchase.

Strengthen Retailer Relationships

Send traffic to preferred channel partners and retailers.

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