Make every moment shoppable

Sell any product on any media channel in three clicks or less with PriceSpider shoppable solutions.

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The next generation of shoppable is here.

These days, there is no one-size-fits-all customer journey. With a constant flow of purchasing opportunities and countless ways to buy online, the path your customers take to purchase isn’t always so clear. PriceSpider gives control of the buyer journey back to brands, empowering them to make any digital touchpoint a shopping experience. 


No matter where customers discover your products, PriceSpider’s shoppable solutions ensure a seamless, fully-branded path to purchase—so customers can purchase anytime, anywhere, from any touchpoint in three clicks or less.

You’re just three easy steps from launching your first shoppable campaign.



1Create a campaign plan and decide which touchpoints to make shoppable.

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Email to Brand


to brand PDP

Facebook to Landing Page


to landing page


to retailer

2Route customers to purchase through their favorite retailers.


Email to brand PDP

Provide details on price and product availability from your brand’s own product detail page (PDP) or any other of your pages.

  • Three clicks to cart
  • Perfect for products that move quickly
  • Easy to display full purchasing options

Facebook to landing page

Embed Where to Buy on landing pages for the most mobile-friendly shopping experience.

  • Three clicks to cart
  • Perfect for products that move quickly
  • Well-suited for retargeting

Instagram Story to a retailer’s page

Send buyers direct to retailer product detail pages (PDPs).

  • Two clicks to cart
  • Enables quick, spontaneous purchases
  • Strengthens relationships with preferred retailers

3 Track, optimize and sell even more.

Pricespider dashboard

Powerful shopping experiences unlock powerful data

Track and optimize campaign performance in real time, and never lose another customer engagement to tangled, third-party shopping experiences again. 

  • Discover where your customers shop most and meet them there.
  • Retarget shoppers from throughout your marketing funnel to build lasting loyalty.
  • Increase marketing ROI with campaign data you can actually use.

Seamless shopping experiences

Empower customers to purchase your products from their retailer of choice without ever leaving the digital touchpoint of discovery.

Actionable insights

Make informed business decisions with three different end-to-end reports on your entire campaign performance  – including purchase intent and conversions – from first impression to final sale. All available in your easy-to-use reporting dashboard.

Real-time campaign optimization

Track campaign performance and KPIs across touchpoints to get the most out of your marketing dollars before, during and after a campaign launch.

DIY custom campaigns

Build and optimize your own product campaigns and landing pages on the fly in our user-friendly self-service portal.

Brand control

Pair your shoppable media campaigns with Brand Monitor and Where to Buy solutions to ensure your products show up consistently across the digital shelf.

Simple setup

Quickly launch a fully shoppable product campaign in three easy steps, no coding or technical expertise required.

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