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How Top Brands Use Data Crawling To Drive Digital Shelf Performance

On-Demand Webinar: Learn How PriceSpider's Digital Shelf Analytics Solution Delivers Results


About the Webinar

In this webinar, our digital shelf experts will walk you through PriceSpider’s Digital Shelf Analytics Solution, Brand Monitor. They’ll show you how top brands drive performance on their product detail pages (PDPs) and on retailer share of search using digital shelf monitoring technology that crawls data on key areas of the digital shelf for brands.


Learn About all the Digital Shelf Modules of Brand Monitor:

  • Share of Search — Ensure your product is findable for shoppers
  • Image Monitoring — Monitor full image carousels to ensure econtent playbook accuracy
  • Content Monitoring — Maintain proper title, content and descriptions for your products
  • Stock Availability — Prevent stock-outs and take advantage of competitor out of stocks
  • Price Monitoring — Ensure pricing guidelines are followed and discover retailer trends
  • Ratings & Reviews — Gain insights into customer feedback and its impact on sales
  • Questions & Answers — Monitor and respond to consumer questions, plus gain insights into FAQs

Hear from PriceSpider:

More content, more problems. But this isn’t a classic 90’s rap song…we're talking digital shelf monitoring. As brands continue to create content and deploy that content on retailer PDPs across the vast ends of the Internet for ecommerce, it can be hard to keep track of it all.

Enter Brand Monitor, your eyes and ears on the digital shelf. Using Brand Monitor’s product modules gives brands the power of fresh data that’s crawled daily. See what sets Brand Monitor apart from every other digital shelf analytics solution on the market and why top consumer brands trust PriceSpider to help them optimize their product detail pages.

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As we show you how Brand Monitor works and why it’s a valuable part of top brands’ ecommerce tech stack. We’ll share digital shelf analytics success stories from top brands like Sony, Nestle, and Bosch.


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On-Demand Webinar: How Top Brands Use Data Crawling To Monitor The Digital Shelf