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On Demand Webinar:
How Brands can Leverage Digital Shelf Analytics Technology to Maximize Ecommerce Performance

Learn how top brands walk the digital aisles across key retailers and optimize their customer experience

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About the Webinar

Hear from PriceSpider experts on everything digital shelf, from definitions to ecommerce trends and how brands manage their products, pricing, placement, and promotion (The 4 Ps) across virtual aisles where their products are listed for purchase. See how top brands drive performance out of their product detail pages (PDPs) using digital shelf analytics technology that monitor key areas of the digital shelf for brands.

Discover how PriceSpider helps brands think omnichannel and omnishelf for ecommerce product discoverability, consumer experience, and, ultimately, sales conversion and loyalty. 

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What you will learn:

  • What and where the digital shelf is, plus all
    that it encompasses.
  • How the digital shelf impacts the physical, brick and mortar shelf.
  • Getting started on the digital shelf and how to evolve as your ecommerce needs mature.
  • Trending Ecommerce growth opportunities and how to capitalize on them within the digital shelf.

Hear from PriceSpider:

As more shopping takes place online, today, brands need to manage their digital shelf just like they manage their physical shelves at the brick-and-mortar store level.

PriceSpider will showcase its digital shelf analytics solutions and best-practices on how to make sure your brand’s online presence is optimized at key retailers and sellers. Learn how you can treat your customers to a best-in-class brand experience and take back control of the customer journey while collecting valuable shopper behavior insights.

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Join us...

As we dig into all things digital shelf and learn how top brands like Milwaukee Tools, Sony, Nestle, and Bosch, use valuable digital shelf analytics solutions to optimize their performance and drive ecommerce results.

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On Demand Webinar:
How to Leverage Digital Shelf Analytics Technology and Maximize Ecommerce Performance