Using Amazon Audience Data to Reach More Customers Anywhere



On Demand Webinar:

How Brands Can Win With Amazon DSP


About the Webinar

Hear from PriceSpider and leading performance marketing agency Buy Box Experts about how Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) can maximize your brand’s marketing dollars on and off of Amazon.


What you'll learn: 

  • How DSP is used for targeting your ideal customers
  • What kinds of ads work with this demand-side platform
  • How to use Amazon DSP ads versus sponsored display ads
  • When and why to use this advertising option
  • How to incorporate Amazon DSP into your overall advertising strategy



James Thomson
Chief Strategy Officer and Partner, Buy Box Experts

Dave Vermeulen 
Director of DSP at Buy Box Experts



Hear from Amazon Execs

Discouraged by all the recent roadblocks to third-party consumer data? The Amazon DSP platform gives brands access to invaluable first-party data directly from the retail giant. That behavioral data can be used to create targeted campaigns for any advertising channel, on or off of Amazon. Buy Box Experts is a team of former Amazonians with the experience and insight to help your brand navigate the nuances of Amazon DSP.

Alternatively, brands can utilize Amazon DSP in a self-serve capacity at a $10,000 minimum budget, while leveraging the expertise of a partner such as Buy Box Experts.

PriceSpider has partnered with Buy Box Experts to co-host this webinar in which we will explain how to convert shoppers through contextual targeting, reach exclusive Amazon audiences that are actively viewing products relevant to your brand, identify which advertising strategies have the best immediate payback, and how to scale aggressively.


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