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How Brands Can Leverage Digital Shelf Analytics Using Metrics & KPIs

On Demand Webinar: Hear success stories of top brands and how they utilize DSA data to improve performance

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About the Webinar

Hear from PriceSpider experts on digital shelf metrics and KPIs and learn how top brands leverage valuable Digital Shelf Analytics data to drive performance across ecommerce. We’ll share real success stories from consumer brands and showing how you can put DSA tech to work across your retailer product detail pages.

Discover how PriceSpider helps brands manage the 4 Ps: product, pricing, placement, and promotion.
Digital Shelf KPIs and metrics focus on what is quantifiable and measurable to evaluate performance and
drive optimization efforts.

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What We'll Cover:

  • Digital shelf metrics to pay attention to
  • The difference between lagging metrics and leading metrics
  • How to create digital shelf success story maps
  • Managing promotion, pricing, and availability during inflation

Hear from PriceSpider:

In the rapidly changing ecommerce landscape, digital shelf analytics are more important than ever. Having timely access to data points and metrics can improve performance for brands on every corner of the digital shelf.

As the market changes constantly from economic and operational challenges, being able to see and hear what’s happening across retailers is not just a want, it’s a need. Digital Shelf Analytics technology gives brands access to metrics of the moment like pricing and availability during times of inflation and beyond. Learn how you can apply success stories from top brands to make major impacts on your digital shelf performance.

Webinar Hosts

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Join us...

As we share success stories and learn how top brands like Milwaukee Tools, Sony, Nestle, and Bosch use valuable digital shelf analytics metrics and KPIs to improve their performance and drive ecommerce results.

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On Demand Webinar: How Brands can Leverage Digital Shelf Analytics Using Metrics & KPIs