Where to Buy’s Universal Tracking 


Now this is the secret tech sauce in making all your brand’s digital touchpoints shoppable. Yea, we know it’s not a word but you know what it means. 

It means optimizing digital touchpoints for sales conversion, but it doesn’t stop there. 

Visibility  - Conversion - Optimization

  1. Visibility:
    The eyes and ears of consumer shopping behavior. A tracking beacon that lets you control the customer journey, you’ll know where they found you, how, what they did, and what they ultimately bought.
  2. Conversion:
    These insights allow you to steer consumers where they are most likely to complete a purchase, prioritize retailers, products, and optimize sales conversion.
  3. Optimization:
    When you have all the information on the customer journey, you have actionable data to inform the entire customer journey. 

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Show Customers Everywhere Your Products Are Available

With our Where to Buy Solution, your customers can compare pricing, stock availability, reviews, and more—so they can easily purchase your products in the way that’s most convenient for them. 

A Few of Our Customers

P&G and Mattel
“PriceSpider's Where to Buy tool is best in class. It helps us provide the optimal shopping experience by helping consumers easily find where our products are sold and buy from their preferred retailer.”
Robin Shea
Digital Marketing Manager