Convert Consumer Traffic to Sales

Shoppers have thousands of choices. Streamlining their experience creates a clear path to purchase. In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • What the digital shelf is
  • Consumer shopping behavior
  • Why you need to invest in the digital shelf
  • How to prepare your digital shelf
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Details On The Ebook

When it comes to buying products online, consumers can buy directly from you or they can buy from any number of online and local retailers. Before they buy, most consumers do some form of research and comparison shopping, like browsing reviews and checking prices.

Once you’ve read
this ebook, you will know:

  • What a where to buy solution is capable of •
  • How to give consumers the purchase options they’re looking for
  • How to gain access to and take action on transaction-level data
  • How to motivate retailers to cooperate with you
  • What features and capabilities you need for your business

Massive quantities of data alone won’t solve all your problems

You need to be able to organize that data in useful ways. The best where to buy (WTB) tools give you the metrics you need to evaluate your marketing campaign results over time. Then you can react swiftly to shifts in your market.

Is Your WTB Solution Adequate?

Not all WTB solutions are created equal. Some don’t gather data from your retailers’ sites frequently enough, which risks putting outdated pricing or stock availability on your website. Some have deeper connections to your retail partners, giving you more advanced insights into your customers’ journey and purchasing behavior.

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