Spring ‘24 Product Updates Webinar


When every customer interaction is a shoppable moment, optimizing across all third-party sellers is paramount. Discover how your digital shelf strategy is key to shoppable success. 

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See the latest innovations

  • Leverage high-quality PriceSpider data across your business intelligence tools 
  • Blur the lines between your online and local sales channels
  • Stay agile and adapt to the ever-changing commerce landscape with self-service
  • Understand your digital shelf better than ever
  • ... and more!

What you can expect

Today, marketing strategy starts and ends with quality data. As a result of our proprietary crawlers, AI and machine learning technologies, we provide our brands with the highest quality data. Armed with this data, brands can take their shopping experiences to the next level by enriching first party data, streamlining the path to purchase and adapting to the ever-changing demands of shoppers everywhere. 

In this webinar, we’ll tell you how you can use data to plug into your systems and make decisions about where to spend your marketing dollars – from retail media networks to search ads and beyond.