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We know that one of the biggest challenges for brands is identifying sellers that violate your pricing policy. It’s an unfortunate reality of doing business online. If you don’t have your eyes on this issue, you put your products and brand at risk in a race to the bottom of the pricing battle - ultimately impacting the perceived value of your brand and in the end...REALLY costing you...sales, value, and margin.
PROWL, PriceSpider's pricing intelligence tool, is the most comprehensive MAP tech there is. PROWL searches like a consumer would (well, an insanely efficient, price obsessed consumer with super computer skills), uncovering up to 3 times more sellers than other services. And PROWL searches every 3 hours, even on nights and weekends, so you get up-to-date information on pricing games sellers are playing after hours, because It's not enough to search by SKU or UPC weekly or even daily. Doing so will result in a list of websites you probably already know about along with their outdated prices.
Another HUGE challenge for brands is identifying the ever elusive unknown sellers. PROWL makes this easier than any other platform. Our partnership with Howell & Associates, the world's leading brand protection and marketplace consultancy, gives you access to the identities of more than 10,000 verified gray market sellers. And we offer built-in investigation tools for those who remain unknown.
When it's time to enforce your policy, PROWL offers a user-friendly dashboard workflow and case management tools so you can send and track violation communications to multiple sellers at once directly within the tool using email templates.
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Features and Benefits of PROWL:
  • Monitoring of unlimited sites
  • Frequent searches
  • Enforcement tools 
  • Howell & Associates verified gray-market sellers
  • Seller investigation tools
  • Quality data monitored right at the source
  • Reporting with user-friendly dashboard

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