Protect your price and grow revenue with Prowl MAP monitoring software

Discover how top brands identify who violated pricing first and stop the ever-dreaded race to the bottom.


Benefits of PriceSpider's Prowl solution:

  • The most comprehensive unauthorized seller discovery tools
  • Streamlined MAP enforcement process that systematizes communications
  • Track progress and lower time spent on price monitoring by 10x
  • Discover unauthorized sellers and monitor pricing activity
  • Protect your current and potential customers from a bad brand experience
  • Avoid black-market sellers that sell dupes, counterfeit and voided warranty products
  • Manage and strengthen relationships with retailers and third-party sellers

Who moved first?
How leading ecommerce brands enforce MAP policies

What if there were a way to monitor, protect and optimize your brand to ensure a best-in-class customer experience like some of the most powerful consumer brands in the world?

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Keep an eye on retailers, sellers and competitors

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Collect data to make informed decisions

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Take action and enforce compliance


Prowl MAP monitoring software empowers brands to take control of their customer experience, ensuring black-market sellers can't give their brand a bad name. All this, while constantly monitoring prices up to 6x per day, including evenings and weekends when pricing games are most often played.

Protect your brand equity across the digital shelf.