Protect Your Brand’s Integrity with PROWL

Discover identities of unknown sellers, monitor for MAP violations, and enforce your policy, all within a single solution.

  • Comprehensive coverage for marketplaces like Amazon and ecommerce sites
  • Frequent, 3-hour monitoring to catch violators even on nights and weekends
  • Actionable data that allows you to prioritize sellers by impact on the market
  • Unknown marketplace seller discovery with built-in tools
  • Data quality dedication and advanced bot blocking technologies

During your free custom demo, using live data from a sample of your products, you’ll get insights into who is selling your brand, at what prices, and across which sites.

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Pricing Intelligence

PROWL frequently monitors prices across ecommerce sites and marketplaces.

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Case Management

Send violation notices to an unlimited number of sellers at once while still maintaining control over messaging.

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Seller Discovery 

Identify unknown sellers with our robust database and built-in discovery tools.

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Actionable Insights

Discover who moved first in pricing games and take action on the first offender.


When sellers compete on price alone, your brand integrity suffers. Don’t get caught in pricing games where everyone loses in a race to the bottom – instead, level the playing field for all retailers by enforcing your pricing policies with PROWL.


A Few of Our Customers

“Our partnership with PriceSpider has not only allowed us to insure IMAP compliance with our Authorized partners, but protect the overall integrity of the program’s framework by eradicating Un Authorized activities in the market place. PriceSpider’s sku matching accuracy and time of engagement regarding enforcement has been critical to our success.
Brandon Sheets
Retail Sales & Ecommerce Director