Erlich Approved...An Incubated Idea that Optimizes Social Media for Sales Conversion


Instagram has the highest engagement of any social media platform and is key to building loyalty for any brand. But what if your Instagram could engage your fans and deliver profitable ROI and sales conversions at the same time?

When you pair PriceSpider’s Where to Buy Solution with Instagram, you not only optimize your brand and products for conversion, you gain visibility into the entire customer journey. You take back control of the customer experience, and heavily influence ROI throughout the entire journey. From discovery to after the sale, you’ll capture valuable insights while driving sales.

With PriceSpider’s Where to Buy + Instagram you can:

  • Control the customer journey and optimize the experience
  • Gain full-cart visibility from discovery to beyond the sale
  • Heavily influence ROI and optimize sales conversion
  • Convert high engagement on Instagram to trackable sales conversions

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