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ORIS Intelligence is now a part of PriceSpider!


PriceSpider acquired ORIS in 2019, and we’ve joined forces to become the most comprehensive brand protection and consumer conversion platform there is. ORIS’s flagship pricing intelligence solution, PROWL, is better than ever now that it’s backed by the power of PriceSpider’s groundbreaking data-crawling technology.

By adding PROWL to our full suite of market intelligence solutions, PriceSpider is now able to serve your brand extensively. 

  • Get pricing intelligence, identify unknown sellers, and enforce pricing policies with PROWL
  • Control the path to purchase and provide a world-class shopping experience with Where to Buy
  • Leverage social proof and cater to consumers in different funnel stages with Ratings & Reviews
  • Analyze campaign performance, pricing games, and consumer purchase behavior with extensive reporting capabilities
  • With both tools, you can tie PROWL into your Where to Buy and immediately remove sellers violating your MAP Policy
  • And much more!

Visit PriceSpider’s website today to learn more about how we can make a difference for your brand.