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Why Do Price and Stock Matter?

Monitoring Price and Product Availability to Optimize Digital Shelf Consumer Experiences

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About the Webinar

In this webinar, PriceSpider’s digital shelf analytics experts, Rae Guimond and Ilana Bijaoui, delve into the benefits of price and stock monitoring in ecommerce. They explore four key ways brands can optimize their approach and drive better results on the digital shelf and across retail media campaign strategies by monitoring price and stock availability on their ecommerce retailer channels.

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Learn all about price and stock monitoring:

  • Price Insights and Optimization
  • Stock Availability Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Enhancing Consumer Experiences

Hear from PriceSpider:

The digital shelf is an ever-changing landscape, and to remain competitive, today’s brands need accurate and actionable pricing and stock data.

They should be equipped with the right solutions to protect against price erosion, track competitor pricing, and proactively manage inventory to avoid stockouts and lost sales. Enter Brand Monitor, your eyes and ears on the digital shelf. See what sets Brand Monitor apart from every other digital shelf analytics solution on the market and why top consumer brands trust PriceSpider to help them gain a competitive edge and create better experiences for their customers.

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And see why global ecommerce brands utilize PriceSpider’s data acquisition platform and digital shelf analytics solution Brand Monitor to identify and enhance their digital shelf strategies and improve consumer experiences at online retailers.

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Learn How Top Brands Monitor Price and Stock Data