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Monitoring Share of Search for Discoverability & Competitor Insights


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In this webinar, PriceSpider’s digital shelf analytics experts, Rae Guimond and Brian Newsom, explore why share of search is a crucial digital shelf analytics KPI to measure for brands looking to protect search rank against competitors and grow their share of search at ecommerce retailers. By optimizing search discoverability along the path to purchase, brands can enhance visibility, improve conversion rates, and drive more sales in the competitive ecommerce landscape.


Learn all about Share of Search:

  • Adapting to Consumer Preferences in Search Habits
  • Optimizing Your Brand and Product Visibility
  • Identifying Category and Product Growth Opportunities
  • Tracking Competitor Performance and Keyword Share Velocity

Hear from PriceSpider:

The digital shelf is a battleground for brands as they compete for the eyes of potential customers across the web.

If your products aren’t discoverable in the places where consumers are searching online, you’re giving away sales to competitors who understand the importance of optimizing their share of search. Enter Brand Monitor, your eyes and ears on the digital shelf. See what sets Brand Monitor apart from every other digital shelf analytics solution on the market and why top consumer brands trust PriceSpider to help them grow their share of search, analyze competitor performance, and increase conversions.

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And see why global ecommerce brands utilize PriceSpider’s data acquisition platform and digital shelf analytics solution Brand Monitor to determine the brands and products they are competing with for share of search to identify ways to optimize search discoverability with keywords at online retailers.


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Learn How Top Brands Optimize Share of Search On The Digital Shelf