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How to Find the Right DSA Platform

Capabilities & Metrics That Matter for Evaluating Digital Shelf Analytics Solutions

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About the Webinar

In this webinar, PriceSpider digital shelf analytics experts Rae Guimond, Christian Stuart, and Justen Meyer dive into the essential features and metrics for evaluating digital shelf analytics (DSA) solutions. They also explore how DSA solutions can provide valuable insights into digital shelf metrics, enabling you to effectively manage inventory and ensure product availability to meet customer demands.

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Learn all about DSA solutions:

  • Best Practices for Evaluating DSA Solutions
  • Which DSA Capabilities Matter Most
  • The Importance of Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Using Insights to Enhance the Consumer Experience

Hear from PriceSpider:

To win on the digital shelf, you need a DSA solution that helps you make data-driven decisions and optimize the path to purchase.

The right solution can give you a competitive edge to propel your brand to success in the online marketplace. Enter Brand Monitor, your eyes and ears on the digital shelf. See what sets Brand Monitor apart from every other digital shelf analytics solution on the market and why top consumer brands trust PriceSpider to help them outperform the competition and create better experiences for their customers.

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And see why global ecommerce brands utilize PriceSpider’s data acquisition platform and digital shelf analytics capabilities to win against the competition.

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Learn How to Choose the Right DSA Solution