Eliminate Product Page Variations Forever

A digital shelf analytics guide to optimize inconsistencies right out of your product detail page, helping you understand:

  • What people are searching for
  • How to optimize your product detail pages by eliminating variations across the internet
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Ebook Details

In the fast-paced, sprawling world of ecommerce, product page variations impact your bottom line. Sometimes you can control what content lives on your product detail pages (PDPs), sometimes the retailer has to make changes on your behalf. There’s a better way.

What you’ll learn:

In this guide, we get to the bottom of the value of digital shelf analytics, including:

  • Why only one version of your page is the best
  • How outdated content can mislead customers
  • Which product page variations dilute your brand
  • When it becomes harder for shoppers to spot knock-offs and copycats
  • How to automate content monitoring to catch and correct errors
  • Showing retail partners the cost of outdated pages
  • How to penalize retailers who fail to update your PDPs
  • Getting started with content monitoring

Find out how to get eyes and ears on the digital shelf by demystifying PDP optimization.

In a World that is Constantly Changing

If your brand is popular, someone will inevitably try to leech off your success by tricking people into buying their knock-off.

Copycat PDPs are usually so riddled with typos, they’re easy to spot. But it becomes a lot harder for consumers to tell the difference when your PDPs are sloppy too. That’s why you need digital shelf analytics. When you automate content monitoring, you catch and correct errors effortlessly to keep the copycats at bay.


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