Hatch Is Now Part of PriceSpider

PriceSpider has acquired Hatch… That’s Right
and It’s Pretty Big News. Want to learn more?

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Acquisition Details

This is another step in PriceSpider’s ongoing commitment to help brands worldwide provide consumers with a shopping experience that feels more human. Hatch’s technology and reach enriches our products and services to deliver remarkable experiences to far more shoppers in more diverse ways.

  • Hatch is an Amsterdam-based commerce enablement company that specializes in where to buy solutions similar to PriceSpider’s
  • This further cements PriceSpider as the most powerful and expansive commerce enablement technology on the planet
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Bringing Hatch
into the PriceSpider Family

PriceSpider and Hatch customers gain:

  • Access to an even larger global retailer network of over 32,000 retailers total
  • Broader international presence with coverage in 92 countries including Europe and Asia
  • Integrated and improved tech combining the best of PriceSpider and Hatch, including access to the broadest omnichannel commerce and technology portfolio on the market with sales tracking
  • Additional global brand deployment capabilities
Worldwide reach
With this move, PriceSpider has extended its global retailer network and overall deployment capabilities across the international ecommerce market. More advancements are on the way that will further strengthen our data platform and lead to more consumer conversions. In the meantime, we continue to provide best-in-class tools for ecommerce digital ecosystems around the globe that serve as the foundation of valuable digital shelf management for your brand and products.
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The Choice For Top Consumer Brands

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