How to Maximize Sales on Social

A social commerce guide on bridging the gap between social discovery and buying decision, with insight on:

  • Consumer buying behavior on social
  • How enhanced information can enrich your social content
  • Connecting every sale to the social media assets that influenced them
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Ebook Details

Social interaction and shopping go hand-in-hand, from perusing store aisles together to sharing Instagram Stories to asking your friend if these pants make your butt look big. The trick for brands is figuring out how to best facilitate the current iteration of social commerce — and how to use it to get the most sales from your efforts on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and the rest.

What you’ll learn:

Lack of visibility makes it extremely difficult to justify significant investments in social commerce. Let’s change that. In this ebook, we explain:

  • The stages of the customer journey
  • How brands influence the journey
  • The danger of dead ends in the customer journey
  • Why every customer journey is unique
  • What makes people ready to buy

Find out how to evaluate the true success or failure of your social media efforts.

Social Commerce Isn’t Just the Shop Tab in Instagram


Inevitably, conversations about social commerce focus a great deal on native checkout experiences. But no matter how normalized native checkout options like Checkout on Instagram become, they effectively turn the social media platform into another retailer. 

Consumers are wary of how much of their personal data social media platforms possess. In 2021, more than 533 million Facebook users had their information posted to a public hacking forum. The compromised data was from 2019, nearly two years prior, and Facebook never reported it. After years of seeing how vulnerable social media has made consumer data, the Facebook incident was hardly a revelation.

To add extra bite to your brand’s social commerce efforts, you need visibility into your distribution channels and to highlight those distribution channels in your social content. You need to make your media shoppable.

Start closing the gap between social discovery and buying decision.