How to Maximize Your Sales on Social

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What This Resource Is All About

For most brands, social commerce is an enigma. They can’t track transactions on retailers’ websites, so it’s unclear how social media campaigns and channels contribute to overall sales. How can they know which pathways from social interaction to shopping experience have the best conversion rates?

In this ebook you’ll learn: 

  • Why universal tracking is crucial for social commerce
  • How shoppable media helps close the gap between discovery and decision
  • Why native checkout solutions fail to close the gap
  • The secret to seamless social commerce

Join us as we explore the world of social commerce, its pitfalls, and what your brand can do to draw a straight line from your social efforts to the sales it generated — even when they choose to buy through their favorite retailer. 

Social Commerce Is More Than Native Checkout

Inevitably, conversations about social commerce focus a great deal on native checkout experiences. It’s an emerging trend we’ll likely see more social platforms embrace in the years to come. But no matter how normalized native checkout options like Checkout on Instagram become, they effectively turn the social media platform into another retailer. 

And consumers are already wary of how much of their personal data social media platforms possess. In 2021, more than 533 million Facebook users had their information posted to a public hacking forum. The compromised data was from 2019, nearly two years prior, and Facebook never reported it. After the last few years of seeing how vulnerable social media has made consumer data, the Facebook incident was hardly a revelation.

To effectively leverage social commerce for your ecommerce brand, you need visibility into your distribution channels and the ability to highlight those distribution channels in your social content. You need to make your media shoppable.

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