The Guide to Understanding Shopping Behaviors By Generation

In this guide, we show you how consumer shopping behavior has evolved over time with technology and innovation, and some key strategies on how to engage and convert members of each generation. Learn:

  • Breakdown of impacts and behaviors of each generation
  • Key details about how each generation prefers to shop
  • How brands can impact sales by tailoring experiences to them
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The Boomers were born in the commerce boom of brick and mortar. The Zoomers were born with a smartphone in their hand. And everyone else is in between causing a massive shift in how each generation engages with, finds, and buys a brand’s products.

From the beanie baby boom of the 1990s to the “Vote for Pedro” shirts in the 2000s. We saw the rise and fall of slime kits and fidget spinners in the 2010s, ok, let’s face it, they’re still here. We’ve seen the fads and the staples across major consumer brands over two decades and the insights keep pouring in. Discover key differences between generational shopping habits and how YOU can impact them.

What you’ll learn:

In this guide, we show you how to impact engagement and conversion by generation:

  • GenZers, Millennials, GenXers, and Baby Boomers, who they are
  • How each generation prefers to shop and where they spend most of their time
  • What interests and what drivers impact them most
  • How Brands can leverage data to drive sales conversions

In the Spirit of “Vote for Pedro”...
With this Guide, you may just be able to, “Throw a football over them mountains" just like Uncle Rico.

Okay, if you’re not a Napoleon Dynamite fan, maybe this reference missed you or your generation, but the point still stands. Arming yourself with specific details of how your customers and potential consumers shop is a brand’s equivalent to superhero strength. Learn how to impact your sales by age group with this powerful guide.

Download The Zoomer to Boomer Guide to Generational Shopping Preferences