Trend or table stakes? 

When an ecommerce trend catches on, it seems like every brand wants a part of it. But before you invest in "the next big thing", cut through the hype and learn which trending tech can actually help you build a bigger, better brand.


Just because it's popular, doesn't mean it's right.

All the chatter around popular technology like AI, personalization and data mining can make it difficult for ecommerce brands to separate the clickbait from the real insights. In this eBook, we break down which industry trends can actually help you grow your brand—and which ones are nothing more than hype.

What's inside?

In our latest eBook, we help brands cut through the noise and explain:

  • Which ecommerce trends matter most

  • How leaders can identify new tech and strategies that actually benefit their brands

  • Why traditional approaches to digital marketing are changing (and what to do about it)