How to Develop Your Winning Ecommerce Strategy Like Top Brands

Learn how to develop a successful long-term strategy that earns new customers and retains them, including:

  • What the digital shelf is
  • Consumer shopping behavior
  • Why you need to invest in the digital shelf
  • How to prepare your digital shelf

Details on the Ebook

It’s incredibly easy to get started in ecommerce marketing. There are plenty of free tools and channels available, and most of the information you need is available online for free. But if you want to be successful long-term and achieve your objectives, there are some things your business will need to collect, create, and invest in.


What you'll learn:

In this guide, we break down the ways ecommerce businesses collect customer insights:

  • Ratings and reviews
  • Customer surveys
  • Customer service teams
  • Social listening tools
  • Marketing exercises (buyer personas, customer journey maps)
  • Hiring people from their target market

Read this guide to gain a clear understanding of what it takes to develop a winning ecommerce marketing strategy.

Ecommerce Marketing Tactics

When customers encounter your ads or land on your website, they already have a handful of retailers they’d prefer to buy from. Some brands choose to fight those preferences by only allowing visitors to buy through their direct-to-consumer store.

This creates a frustrating experience for people who want to buy your products but don’t want to miss out on retailer perks or create yet another account for an online store. So they’ll either pick the next best competitor or live without your product.

To avoid this problem, smart brands now deploy a where to buy solution that allows them to leverage customer preferences by highlighting multiple stores and linking directly to their product pages. This lets customers select their preferred path to purchase and maximizes conversions.


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