Understanding What Makes Customers Ready to Buy

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What This Resource Is All About

No matter how relevant your product is to your target audience, most of them aren’t ready to buy the first time they encounter your brand. And it’ll take more than a stellar sales pitch or flashy promo video to get them there.

In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • The stages of the customer journey
  • How brands influence the journey
  • The danger of dead ends in the customer journey
  • Why every customer journey is unique
  • What makes people ready to buy

Join us as we examine how consumers go from being completely unaware of your product — or even your product category — to feeling confident enough to purchase.


The Customer Journey Is Not About You

The customer journey doesn’t start with a touchpoint. It starts with an idea. Your customers aren’t actually on a journey to your product. They’re on a journey to solve a problem, reach a goal, or achieve an aspiration. Your product just happens to be the solution.

When brands think about customer journeys, they often focus on their own objectives. What’s our end goal? What do we want people to do? But this isn’t about you. It’s about your customer. What do they want? At every stage of the customer journey, you need to consider your customer’s point of view and empathize with their needs.

If you understand where the customer is at in their journey and what they’re trying to accomplish, you’re going to be much better equipped to guide them to the next stage of their journey and position your product as the solution they’re looking for.

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