Digital Shelf Domination:
THE Playbook to Optimize Your Ecommerce Strategy

The digital shelf playbook that coaches winning everywhere consumers find, learn about, compare, and purchase your products online, including how to:

  • Ensure every retailer uses the same assets to represent your products
  • Make your pricing competitive
  • Place your products for high-value search queries
  • Invest in promotions that matter most for your category
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Ebook Details

Winning the digital shelf means consumers find your products first and choose your brand more. But getting there depends on numerous factors that require continuous maintenance and attention.

What you’ll learn

In this playbook, we break down:

  • The fundamentals: What is digital shelf analytics?
  • Quarterbacking your digital shelf
  • Analyzing the digital shelf: Read-and-react
  • When stock changes, call an audible
  • Optimize your big three: retailers, team, and data

Track your competitors’ stock availability

Your competitors going out of stock is a golden opportunity. Shoppers who are actively searching for their products won’t be able to find them. You can “steal” sales simply by identifying these vulnerable moments, advertising for any branded search around that product, and positioning your product as the next best option.


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