Direct to Consumer Marketing Strategies to Supercharge Conversion

If you’re doing D2C without Where to Buy Tech…You’re doing it wrong. In this guide, we show you how some of the leading D2C Brands strike that tricky balance between their direct to consumer channel and their retailer channels. Learn:

  • The advantages of using a Where to Buy with D2C to maximum conversion
  • Everything you never knew Where to Buy could do and how D2C fits in
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Ebook Details

Everything you never knew you ever wanted in a where to buy. Direct to consumer brands CAN have it all when it comes to product findability, shoppability…conversion and more.

What you will learn:

In this guide, we show you how D2C and WTB complement one another, including:

  • How D2C and WTB work together on product pages
  • The different types of strategies brands can deploy digitally
  • How brands can make every channel and touchpoint shoppable
  • How A Top Brand combined D2C and WTB and drove results

Unlike The Terminator…When a customer leaves your website, they may NOT be back.

Take back control of the customer journey by putting the power of choice in your customers’ hands. Become THE starting point of that journey and guide them down the path to purchase with them behind the wheel. Think of this guide as kind of a “Siri take me home” action, you’re driving the car, but it’s telling you where to go. Maximize conversions, collect consumer behavior data, and give consumers confidence by using D2C WITH WTB…OMG. And IF they do leave your site, you know where they went, and all the details of their experience. Yes, this is indeed an OMG moment.

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