Brand Monitor

Ensure Image Accuracy Across Retailer Product Detail Pages and Win the Digital Shelf

Brand Monitor's Image Monitoring Module ensures your brand has the right image every time across all monitored retailers


A Picture's Worth A Thousand Data Crawls


Brand Monitor’s Image Monitoring module takes the work out of ensuring the correct images are being used on the digital shelf. It walks the digital aisles across thousands of retailer and seller PDPs for you to make certain consumers see the truest representation of your brand’s products. Image Monitoring automates brand guideline compliance by comparing accuracy, quality, and order between all brand-approved images and the images every retailer you choose to monitor is using.

Ensure people know where to buy your brand's products, and place purchase options all along their path to purchase.


Benefits of PriceSpider's Brand Monitor Solution:

  • Understand how your product representation affects retailer performance
  • Capture inconsistencies to help retailers improve content compliance
  • Optimize PDP content for maximum conversions
  • Increase product visibility and search rank at retailers
  • Redirect ad spend when you or competitors go out of stock
  • Strengthen retailer relationships
  • Track PDP images, descriptions, prices, stock levels, ratings & reviews, and share of search

The Most Comprehensive Digital Shelf Analytics Solution on the Market

Brand Integrity Throughout the Customer Journey

A brand is only as strong as its perceived value. Manually keeping up with thousands of product detail pages (PDPs) across retailers, third-party sellers, and marketplaces in real time isn’t viable. PriceSpider’s digital shelf analytics solution, Brand Monitor, automates everything. Now you can see how your brand is being represented everywhere on the internet and ensure consumers experience your brand the way you intend.

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How Brand Monitor Works


Monitor retailer and seller PDPs

Brand Monitor uses PriceSpider’s unmatched crawling technology to track every detail on thousands of PDPs across the internet, including previous history and competitor PDPs. This gives your marketers, analysts, and ecommerce managers eyes and ears on what’s happening on the digital shelf.

  • Does Target use an outdated product description?
  • Is Amazon missing a key product image?
  • What price is Walmart listing?
  • Do your keywords sell your product well?

If so, you know about it and can take action to give yourself the best shot to convert every time.

Review Share of Search Insights

Shoppers won’t buy your product if they can’t find it. Brand Monitor’s Share of Search dashboard provides critical metrics and deep-dive data from retailer sites and apps — on your brand and your competitors. Track share of search for each search term across retailers, with specific focus on first-page, top 3, or top 10 results. Review key search terms and search rank for all of your products. Use these and competitor insights to optimize results and win search.


Drive Results on the Digital Shelf Like Top Brands

PriceSpider’s Brand Monitor is the Most Comprehensive Digital Shelf Analytics Solution to Monitor Your Brand, Analyze Data, and Take Action

The Choice For Top Consumer Brands


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