AI and the Future of Ecommerce: How Brands Are Using New Tech to Win the Digital Shelf

In this ebook, we explain the types of artificial intelligence (AI) that are being leveraged in ecommerce today and highlight specific AI tools and strategies brands have already begun implementing. Discover:

  • The different types of AI and how they work
  • Examples of how ecommerce brands are using AI technology
  • How to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to AI solutions

Ebook Details

AI is officially a reality, and it’s influencing the ways brands do business—from customer service to data collection and everything in between.

And while AI may not be as powerful and capable as it looks in science fiction movies, it’s still proving to be incredibly useful for brands who learn how to use it. In this ebook, we’ll help you keep pace with the latest developments in AI technology and show you specific examples of how ecommerce brands can use it to their benefit.

What you'll learn:

In this guide, we show you how to:

  • The current capabilities (and limits) of AI technology
  • Specific AI use cases for ecommerce brands
  • How AI can enhance the customer experience

Artificial Intelligence, Real Results

Heard about AI lately? Unless you’re never on the Internet, the answer is almost certainly a resounding “yes.” AI has been one of the most discussed topics in every industry lately, and many ecommerce brands are already finding ways to put it to use. In this free guide, we’ll provide some tangible examples of how AI can be applied to ecommerce and help improve your brand’s performance on the digital shelf.


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How Brands Are Using New Tech to Win the Digital Shelf