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Creating a minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policy is an important step toward protecting the value of your products and your brand equity. But your pricing policy won’t matter unless you monitor and enforce it.

What you’ll learn:

In this guide, we walk you through how to protect your price, helping you understand how to:

  • Work closely with a lawyer
  • Align your penalties with your goals
  • Automate price monitoring
  • Prioritize your most important SKUs
  • Focus on the first violator
  • Modify your MAP policy over time
  • And more

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Your MAP policy benefits you, your retailers and your customers by maintaining the perceived value of your products, preserving sellers’ margins and helping consumers spot counterfeit products.

If you don’t monitor and enforce your MAP policy, the most unscrupulous sellers will simply ignore it—which can force even your best retail partners to violate it too, in order to stay competitive.

So how do you monitor your pricing policy? In this guide, we’ve compiled nine best practices for MAP monitoring.


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