The Critical Hires Top Ecommerce Brands Make

Guidelines to finding the right personnel to level-up your supply chain, IT, sales, marketing, and ecommerce, including:

  • What job titles you need to fill
  • The essential skills that move the needle when you hire

Ebook Details

Whether your brand is months old or decades old, there are aspects of ecommerce that you can’t afford not to invest in. Large, mature brands often dedicate entire departments to these areas, but whatever the scale of your organization, you need your own specialists — your own A-Team — to be responsible for them.

What you will learn:

In this guide, we lay out seven strategic hires your brand needs to succeed in ecommerce:

  • What traits make a successful digital shelf specialist
  • How brand managers set the brand standard
  • Bringing someone on to develop a full digital advertising strategy
  • Why social media marketing may not just be a full-time role, but multiple roles
  • Who to hire to bring sustainable organic traffic to your website
  • Where to find KPIs rooted in your goals
  • How to make your email marketing a well-oiled machine

Give your Team the Tools it Needs to Succeed

Your success in ecommerce depends on your people, processes, and technology. Your strategic hires will be some of the most important people in your business, and they’ll be responsible for many of the key processes you need to thrive in online sales. Read on to set up your team for success.


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