23 Features Your Where to Buy Solution Needs



WTB ebook coverV6Investing in a where to buy (WTB) solution is a decision to enhance your customers’ experience, gain insight into the buyer’s journey, and maximize sales. But not every tool does those things well.

At PriceSpider, we’ve identified 23 key WTB features that:

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Provide advanced consumer insights
  • Increase sales


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Don't Pay For Bad Tools


Many WTB tools display pricing information and link to retailers, but if they lack the foundational technology to do it right, you’ll miss out on many of the biggest benefits these tools can provide.

If your WTB tool doesn’t display real-time data, you risk misleading customers with outdated information.

Without in-cart data, you won’t know what else people are buying with your products. And if your tool doesn’t integrate with your marketing assets, then your banner ads, social posts, and emails won’t be able to send shoppers on the ideal path to purchase.

Our Clients Know Not All WTB Solutions Are The Same 

“PriceSpider's Where to Buy tool is best in class. It helps us provide the optimal shopping experience by helping consumers easily find where our products are sold and buy from their preferred retailer.”
Robin Shea
Digital Marketing Manager