Brand Monitor

We'll show you if your online product content descriptions are up to your standards. 

For brand manufacturers that need to ensure a strong and consistent brand to maximize sales, PriceSpider provides valuable insights that help brands get a full view of how their products are displayed online.


One Powerful Dashboard

Brand Monitor will automatically gather all product content descriptions from all of your online retailers. Identify problems by retailer, brand, and product content at a high level or do a deep dive and inspect each piece of content at a single retailer.


Product Performance

View all of your products on one page to compare all your products across retailers or view a single product at multiple retailers. This allows you to focus on high visibility products and product launches.

Product Content Comparison

Discover which attributes are causing the most problems. Compare different pieces of content for the same product across retailers. Discover patterns and trends of how various pieces of content are displayed. This will help you create a more consistent page across retailers..

Retailer Performance

Who are your most compliant retailers and why? See how well retailers are complying with the product content you provided and compare retailers to see who requires more attention. This will help you plan and allocate resources to improve retailer content.


One product at one retailer

Keep a watchful eye on your best selling products and for launching new products.

Zoom in and compare one product at one retailer against the product content you have provided.

We'll compare your approved content against what a retailer is displaying. This includes images, product descriptions, video, pricing, review count, and more.